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Does the Best Impact Driver Really Make a Difference In the lives of Home Improvement Obsessive?

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With the unique introduction of the best impact driver in marketplace, it has successively made the worker’s lives quite easy. People do not have to utilize heavier drivers for doing the simple screwing projects. Here, I would like to mention that impact drivers were originally utilized in the Japan.

It simply took the huge amount of the time when it comes to some other counties in order to know the usefulness derived from the utilization of the impact drivers. Moreover, as time passed, the product slowly gained popularity in the marketplace & is currently utilized by most of the workers for completing the jobs globally.

It is important to note that impact drivers are very convenient because of their portable nature & simplicity in utilization. They are priced at the minimal rate thus making them easily reasonable.

When it comes to the best and top rated impact driver which is currently available in the marketplace, then Ingersoll impact drivers always consider as the best choice as the fit the image flawlessly.

The technology of the impact driver is termed to as an anvil and hammer, which simply means that along with the slight coil of an electric drill, a best impact driver, begin working. Because of this, impact driver is capable of producing marvelous amount of the power & is truly helpful when we talk about wood related tasks.

The best impact drivers are not merely utilized for driving bolts & screws; they can be utilized for the projects of drilling also because of their versatile nature. Furthermore, the impact drivers have the compact design & do not weigh much which simply make them effortless for people to carry them all around along with them mainly from one area to another area.

Impact driver come with the hex rod bits that double its power of drilling thus, making it suitable for the woodworking. The leading difference between the impact drill and standard drill is simply that, latter operates with power, which permits it to produce great power.

Apart from this, there are various impact drivers, which are being introduced by several brands, & each brand has its unique distinctive benefits and features. When we talk about the Ingersoll impact driver then, it is worth sharing that it is a highly used impact driver among labors.

This impact driver is capable of getting through numerous critical and demanding tasks as it gives approximately 426 lbs. of power. Moreover, it comes with the torque device, which permits the people to regulate the torque on basis of job at hand. This impact driver has Twin Hammer Mechanism that comes to offer additional help throughout the complex tasks. Additionally, it is lubricated already when the users buy it so they do not have to do some additional work before utilizing it.

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Experts Reveal; How to make the most of your place

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get the keys to your new home

Making the “right” decision when it comes to renovating or decorating your home can often save you time, money and heartache, too. So we’ve called on experts in various fields to open up about the knowledge they’ve gained over many years, including in their own home

WHEN YOU FIRST get the keys to your new home – whether you bought it or are renting – more often than not, you set out with good intentions. You want this place to be different, better, more resolved than the last. You want it to be a place of good times and happy memories. And you might, just might, see this place as a fresh start. But down the line sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down with indecision, failed attempts at decorating and impulse purchases that just don’t work.

get the keys to your new home

get the keys to your new home

To prevent this from happening to you, we’ve tracked down various experts in their field to come to the rescue. These are people who are immersed in design and its related decisions every day. They have tried and tested every colour combination you could think of. They have played with shape, form and texture, and know all about proportion. So we decided to not only pick their brains about what they’ve learnt over the years, but also to see how they’ve translated these ideas into their own homes.

This is the first part in a series, so watch out for upcoming issues where we’ll have more experts, more ideas and many more ways to get the home you really want.

IF YOU DECORATED your home and 25 years later it still looked cool and contemporary yet classic and liveable, you’d be pretty pleased with yourself. Well, that’s exactly what artist Stephen Ormandy has done with his business partners and fellow designers, Louise Olsen (who’s also his wife) and Liane Rossler, at Dinosaur Designs. The trio formed the company in 1985, selling handprinted fabrics and painted jewellery, and are now an iconic Australian brand, selling their wares to more than 20 countries. It’s no surprise then that the home Stephen Ormandy shares with Louise and their daughter Camille, 11, is also a study in modern meets classic. Added to the equation that Stephen is a notable artist, we couldn’t help but ask him to reveal the lessons he has learnt over the years.


Stephen and Louise waited seven years before renovating their home in Sydney’s Bronte. “It looked a bit ’70s,” he says. “But we enjoyed living there before renovating, and it gave us a good understanding of the site.” The couple’s patience paid off. Once they were ready to renovate they were confident with the changes they wanted to make. So what changes did they make? “Everything that you can change and still call it a renovation,” he says. The same principle can be applied to buying art. “I don’t think there are any blatant mistakes when it comes to choosing art for the home; it’s personal taste. But it’s best to focus on quality. There are no rules, but the more you learn the more confident you get.”


Even though Dinosaur Designs is known for its ever-evolving colour palette, a neutral scheme was important for Stephen and Louise’s home. “We wanted wooden floors with white walls and reclining chairs with black color; the floor colour was very important,” he says. “We preferred to use an Australian hardwood but it was hard to find one that was not too orange-pink; we searched for one that was more caramel.” The flooring they settled on was steel box. There are lessons to learn from how Stephen uses colour in his artworks, too. “The colours I use in my paintings are often strong in the positive shapes and more muted in the negative space; this helps the colour to pop,” he says. “I begin a painting with my collection of cut-out shapes from coloured paper and arrange them into compositions, take a photo and then print the image; it’s my way of sketching.” It’s a method that could easily translate to creating a colour scheme for a home – taking scaled colour samples of upholstery, paint colours, flooring and making a layout, then printing it to see how it will work before making the big investment.

Make your old house different with white painting

Make your old house different with white painting


Just as his designs for Dinosaur Designs over the years have kept up with the times, so too has the interior of Stephen’s home. It is not a time capsule from when it was first renovated. Instead, pieces have been added and subtracted over the years, but the overall look has remained cohesive. Stephen advises that you shouldn’t fear adding new pieces or designs to your home. In fact, they can inspire a new arrangement or vignette.


The best advice Stephen offers about hanging art is to go to a gallery and take notes as professional curators are employed to hang works. Although he does add, “Try not to hang works too high. It’s a feel thing – balancing the furniture and art is important. Trust your instincts.” And from a practical point of view Stephen says to use star plugs and screws for masonry walls and plaster hooks on plasterboard to hang the paintings.

IF YOU WANT TO LEARN valuable lessons on how to create an interior you love on a starting-out-in-life budget then talk to an emerging interior designer. We’ve done it for you and tracked down the designing duo behind Soco Creative (, because while they have studied interior design and are now practising, they also appreciate what it’s like to renovate your first home. Here, Odile Chauvet shares how she applied the lessons she learnt from her highend work on a real-life budget reno.


Odile and her partner Benjamin Elson had been living an inner-city lifestyle in a loft in Sydney’s Surry Hills, but then came the irresistible opportunity to move into Ben’s grandmother’s house in Belfield, NSW. It was a typical Federation bungalow, with hardwood floors, high ceilings and two original fireplaces, but it was old and tired.

“The house was in a pretty sad state when we first started to renovate,” Odile says. “It had horrible blue carpet throughout, vinyl flooring in the kitchen and living areas, and green wallpaper on all the walls.”

“The most important thing was to ensure the interior complemented the existing bones of the building,” she says. To achieve this Odile played on the traits of the building’s architecture that she liked. “I made sure we retained as many of the original features as possible while contrasting these features with a mixture of contemporary and eclectic lightfittings, artworks and storage units.”

HEART OF DARKNESS One of the imperfections in the building turned out to be the foundation for the home’s colour scheme. When Odile and Ben removed the carpet and vinyl they realised the floorboards were made of different timber species. “We quickly made the decision to stain all the floorboards a dark shade – this helped conceal any inconsistencies within the wood,” she says. The final stain colour was 80% black and 20% brown, finished with a clear matt 2-pack polyurethane finish.

Once the decision was made to go dark on the floors, Odile knew she wanted to contrast them with crisp white walls. “From there the contrast between dark and light evolved, with punches of colour throughout. I really tried to create a blank canvas which I can then add colour to through the use of flowers, cushions, feature rugs, etc.”


Just as Odile and her business partner Shannon incorporate floral design elements in Soco Creative projects, Odile took the same philosophy with her home. “We believe floral art is an important element within every space flowers lift mood while adding decorative layer and dimension,” she says.

When it comes to adding flowers to your home, Odile says that they do not need to be displayed upright in a vase – “they can be at an angle, they can rest directly on a table, they can be submerged in water, they can float”.

Also, the rules you would apply to your home’s interior can equally apply to floral design. “Besides putting flowers in appropriate containers, the intermingling of stems of too many types of flowers or colours within the one arrangement not only goes against the laws of nature, but also lacks simplicity and elegance, and looks contrived,” Odile says. “The principle of less is more also applies to floral design. A beautiful orchid stem or an exquisite bunch of magnolias will immediately lift your mood and relax the atmosphere.”

buying furniture for your home

buying furniture for your home


When it comes to buying furniture such as reclining chairs, coffee table, sofas, design objects or art Stephen is adamant that the same principle applies. You can check reviews and recommendations from this site for best recliners. “Always buy what you love – it’s all about you,” he says. “We have always bought small works and multi-hung them. Then as you become more in tune with what you like you can start investing in larger pieces. The good thing about the art market is you can resell a work if your taste moves in a different direction, and if you bought well you could make some money.”


At First Sight; A graphic designer brings a clutter-free aesthetic to her picture-perfect country home

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AT FIRST SIGHT is how Lynda Evans describes her reaction when she first spotted this picturesque cottage in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland. “Whenever travelling to the Sunshine Coast beaches, I would make a detour through the hinterland,” she says. “Like most day trippers, I thought to myself, ‘I’ll live up there one day’.” And that dream came true sooner than Lynda expected when she came across this pretty two-storey weatherboard cottage online.

One-bedroom guesthouse to the main house Renovations

At only eight years old, the cottage wasn’t in need of major renovations, although graphic designer Lynda, who lives in the cottage with her boyfriend Sascha, says there were still many small jobs that needed to be done – either the previous owners had left them unfinished, or they had been done in a bit of a rush. “There were a few owners before us, many of them DIYers who went a bit wild with a paintbrush and probably a glass of wine, or two!” Lynda says.

One bedroom guesthouse renovation

One bedroom guesthouse renovation

In the short time she’s owned the place, Lynda has completed or tidied up the house – from sanding and painting skirting boards and staircases to stripping paint off brass fittings and adding waterproof sealant to the kitchen sink area and weather seals to drafty doors.

“The cottage was originally built as a small one-bedroom guesthouse, with plans for a second, main house on the block, but these plans never came to fruition,” Lynda explains. Two years later the guesthouse was extended to include a large open-plan livingdining- and-kitchen area, and a mezzanine area, which includes a guest bedroom and ensuite, bringing the number of bedrooms to two.

With its high-peaked roofline, rounded attic windows and dormer windows, Lynda says the house has no clear style. “I think it’s a little bit Cape Cod crossed with Scandinavia,” she says. “It’s storybookstyle and very cosy with stained-glass windows, high beamed ceilings and beautiful timber flooring.”

The one-acre property, which also has extensive fields, lawns, a henhouse and stables, as well as a wonderful vegetable garden, is surrounded by dairy farms, deciduous gardens and spectacular views. This really is a picture-perfect home!

Your Decorating Dilemmas Solved!

My mum has recently moved into a lovely new modern studio unit (see photos, right). We have tried to arrange the furniture to make the living area – which needs to double as a sleeping area – work but we’re having trouble getting the layout to look right in such a small space. Could you please help with suggestions on how to get the living zone looking less like a bedroom but still able to function as a multi-task area? The wall colour needs to stay the same, but the unit has a great picture rail to hang frames. I’ve shown Mum previous issues of your mag with suggestions you’ve made for other readers and she loves your work!

living room

living room


There’s really only one answer for studio apartments and that’s to decide which section of the apartment is the “big idea”? Is the bed the design priority or is it the sofa? Consider how much time is spent lounging versus sleeping. The reason why the furniture is hard to figure out in this space is because there are conflicting focal points. The bad news is, to get the best results, you need all new furniture, which means the good news is you get to completely reinvent your look.




PLAN OF ACTION Utilise a sectional sofa that can be one part sofa, one part bed. The benefit is a very spacious sophisticated modern look, and a space that has the capacity to seat 4 to 6 people well. This idea could also be used with another style of wall bed that folds into the space of the existing wardrobe. The mirrored doors you currently have on the wardrobe just make it look way too bedroom-y in the lounge, so remove these and replace with full height, modern doors. Panelled doors with a white polyurethane finish will work well, as will repeating the existing scheme of a dark charcoal shade. Fitting the bed into this space creates a nice little bedhead nook and utilises valuable centimetres.

A pedestal-leg dining table will allow it to be positioned a little over the sofa, just like in a restaurant, and then only one other chair is required. A swivel armchair-style dining chair means that it too can lead a double life. A gatefold table is another great option for small spaces allowing for different table sizes. As good for dinner parties as it is for TV dinners!

Give Me Luxe On a Budget; A designing duo were inspired by a resort paradise to create the home they love

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Inspired thinking HOLIDAY HEAVEN Graphic designer Angelique Farrugia and studio manager/ graphic artist Steve Tortosa were inspired to find a “renovator’s delight” after a dream holiday at a luxurious Malaysian resort. “We were blown away by the resort and Angelique suggested we buy a run-down house back home and do something equally amazing with it,” Steve explains. When they came across a 1913 weatherboard property in the Melbourne suburb of Ascot Vale, they knew it was perfect for them and their two young sons, Noah, 4, and 7-month-old Jude. “We fell in love with the house and its potential,” Steve says. “We lost out on the day of the auction, but a month later it was ours.”

Creating space out with an old house

creating space OUT WITH THE OLD The Victorian house was in a shabby state when Angelique and Steve bought it. However, the poky, dark rooms and ugly decor didn’t deter the intrepid renovators. The couple enlisted the help of builder Adam Cook of Travancore Homes to help them create their dream home. It was decided to knock down the back section of the house and create a large, open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, where the family could entertain friends and also enjoy each others’ company. “We prefer a feeling of togetherness, rather than living in a series of segregated rooms, and we like being able to prepare dinner and watch the kids playing in the garden,” Angelique says. The couple wanted to retain the home’s original features; they even sourced replica skirtingboards and architraves for the new section of the house to ensure the period style fl owed seamlessly throughout.

what should you do with an old house

what should you do with an old house


kitchen smarts WHITE IS RIGHT Steve and Angelique drew up about 20 different kitchen layouts until they hit upon the perfect configuration. The new space is both user-friendly and sophisticated, with a fresh white colour palette. A walk-in pantry holds lots of kitchen essentials, allowing the work surfaces to remain clutter free. White marble was chosen for the benchtops to echo the marble in the bathroom. “We love the effect it gives to a room,” Steve says.

Select a style for rebuilding a house

resort style SLEEK AND STYLISH Angelique and Steve extended the space of the original bathroom and completely rebuilt it, with all-new walls and floors, plus a new window. “This room was meant to be far cheaper and simpler, but Angelique, being a designer by trade, ended up going down the glamour route,” Steve says. Together they designed the entire room, drawing it up to scale, working out how it would be laid out and how the tile pattern – using intricate mosaic Bisazza tiling – would look. The couple designed a sleek black marble vanity unit with double basins to create a luxurious, hotel-like feel, in keeping with their original Malaysian-resort inspiration. The carcass was made offsite by a cabinetmaker and then delivered to the stone merchants, who cut the Black Marquina marble to wrap around the vanity. The stone merchants later installed the marble in the bathroom.

What style and color to choose for house renovation

What style and color to choose for house renovation

Bath room

“The bathroom is now one of our favourite rooms,” Steve says. “The Bisazza tiles were on the expensive side, but the impact they give to the room and the ambience they deliver far outweigh the negatives.”


light & white BEAUTIFUL BEDROOMS The main bedroom was originally painted a hideous yellow and had gold leaf on the ceiling rose. The couple repainted the room a fresh white, built a love seat under the window and added a romantic wall decal over the bed. Noah’s room became the ideal hideaway for a 4-year-old. The white walls were relieved of any possible starkness thanks to colourful cushions and other cute accessories.

Work space

WORKABLE WORK SPACE The study originally had a standard doorway, which made the room feel poky. During the renos a much wider opening was created, without a door. Steve’s father, a retired cabinetmaker, made the fitted bookshelves and painted them in a grey undercoat and a black satin oil-based paint. Steve then used the same paint on the trestle table, for a unified look.

Enjoy the house after renovated

Enjoy the house after renovated

the challenges The couple’s main challenge when decorating was being able to visualise contrasts working together: “Colour contrasts, contrasts in materials, shapes of furniture and light fittings,” Angelique says. “Also being able to mix and match different styles from different eras; being bold and making a statement. Steve sometimes thinks my theories are a little way-out, but he trusts my instincts and is always happy with the end result.” And what a beautiful result it is!

To get more ideas on how to redecor and renovate a house read our previous article.