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Are you planning on improving or decorating your home? Very well. Firstly, it is very important that you should read and acquire the basic information that are popular for a lot of people with their DIY tasks.

In case you still don’t have adequate information for your buying decision, then you just need to read this cordless drill driver reviews.

The veranda often need to be repainted. Thus, always make sure that the type of paint you select could have high quality. However, also be sure of using a paint with similar base like the old one, for example, oil paint with oil-based or water paint (latex) with water-based. Oil paint could works well for trimming thanks to its durability. Nevertheless, a type of oil-based paint is slippery and slick, so as a result it is not suitable for areas for walking.

New floor could improve your house. Thus, good and famous manufacturers in flooring industry could do wonderful thing for your floors. Hardwoods, carpeting laminates, or even tile often could be installed in just one day! In addition to this, you could look at any DIY choices at a home improvement shop.

A good cordless drill is probably an essential device that you will need for nearly any kind of home improvement project. Moreover, you could also have particular attachment for various kinds of screw, and you could pre drill hole in the working areas. Always remember to use a cordless drill model which is powered with a 9 volts battery and drill bit which ranges from 1/32 inch to 1/4 inch. In addition, you also need some attachments to drive flat head screw or Phillips.

Suitable Devices

The appropriate devices will make a striking difference when you are planning on to do a home improvement project. Thus, having the suitable device would make sure that your task will be completed as simply and as effectively as possible. In addition, having some basic and essential understanding on how the devices could be used would also bring to you a better result.

It is very essential to have enjoyable and relaxing moments when you are working on any home improvement project. Even though the task should be thoroughly and carefully done, there could be still chance for having enjoyable time when you have completed it. If you do not really enjoy and get pleasure form the job you are performing, then you are more possible to make some mistakes. Thus, always think about asking for a professional home worker if you believe that could be a serious case for you.

If you are doing in your kitchen or bathroom during a home improvement task, remember to make sure that water is turned off. You should find the closed button for water control in your house before you kick off any type of job on room which needs to use water. This would make sure that you do not flood your home.

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Design and Furnishing A Summer Residence in Florida

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Florida Summer Apartment

The couple then moved to Florida but also decided to purchase a summer residence in the suburb where they’d once lived, near shops, trains, restaurants, and–most important–three grown-up children and five grandchildren, aged 6 to 16.

The clients’ legacy centers on a love for collecting world-class modern art and a joint commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion with children and grandchildren. “It’s all about family,” says Kleinschmidt, who explains that these clients are unusual in their ability to make informed choices about both design and art. “But the decisions all center around the family, about making the time they spend together more enjoyable and more meaningful.”

P/K’s willingness to become intimately involved in every aspect of the project and in the clients’ needs is, in no small part, the firm’s legacy. Both Powell and Kleinschmidt began their careers at the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill before forming a partnership in 1976. The partners have never abandoned their modernist principles and are unwavering in attention to detail and design excellence.

The architects admit that this project presented planning and design challenges never previously encountered. The apartment, one fourth of a floor of a brand-new building, had been bought primarily for the convenient location and did not meet many of the clients’ expectations. True artistry was required to manage technical and invisible aspects of the project, and P/K paid close attention to the position of every sprinkler head and mechanical device, including the sophisticated security system and environmental controls to moderate humidity for archival purposes.

Architecture inside the summer apartment

Architecture inside the summer apartment

A corridor, asymmetrically placed within the plan, organizes the interior and doubles as a gallery for art. Living areas occupy the deep, east side of the corridor, taking maximum advantage of daylight. The kitchen and master bedroom are positioned at opposite ends of the corridor, with storage and ancillary spaces, not requiring daylight, positioned away from the window wall, along the west perimeter.

Furnishing the apartment with hardware and furniture

Because of the seasonal nature of the residence, P/K used wood floors, finely textured wall paint, glass, and leather–all low-maintenance–to achieve a sense of calm. The focus is internal. Windows are covered with either floor-to-ceiling screens or scrims that diffuse the sunlight.

Dark-stained Australian oak plank flooring runs throughout, layered with custom rugs in most rooms. Tan progresses to brown. White, used very sparingly, becomes the accent color. “We don’t have the intensity of the direct sun here in the Midwest, and much of the light tends to be reflected,” says Kleinschmidt, who explains that these deeper tones bring greater psychological warmth.

Bedroom, living room, and kitchen are furnished with best furniture to creat a comfortable living space

Bedroom, living room, and kitchen are furnished with best furniture to creat a comfortable living space

P/K designed much of the hardware and furniture. The family room, for example, features a custom sectional sleeper sofa with plenty of pillows, recliners with armrests, and ottomans to entice grandchildren, adult children, and grandparents into the same room to relax, play games, watch a movie, or simply spend time in one another’s company. “Furniture placement supports the way the family lives,” says Kleinschmidt, who was careful to ensure that furniture layouts nurture rather than dictate.

A well designed environment filled with modern art. Room for three generations to enjoy being together. Now that’s a beautiful legacy.

Urban Soul

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Stainless-Steel Furniture: Kitchen Sink

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN you fall in love with your friend’s place? You hope that one day they will sell, and you’ll be in a position to buy it. This was the case with Luanne Toms and Jonny Rowe, who were instantly attracted to the inner-city loft that their friend bought six years ago. Back then the 76 sq m space in a former textile factory was a bare shell. It had an awkward old staircase that double-backed on itself, no storage and not a single light fitting. “The only thing in it was the bathroom and the industrial stainless-steel kitchen sink,” Luanne recalls. “But even then I loved its views and position.”

Stainless Kitchen Furniture Set

Stainless Kitchen Furniture Set

Fortunately for Luanne, the friend made the critical changes. She had the staircase swung around to run the entire length of the wall, floating it on a plinth at its base. A ceiling was installed on the underside of the mezzanine level to accommodate downlights in the kitchen. And a long row of cupboards was run along the edge of the mezzanine area, which was perfect for both storage and a display unit, and for creating privacy from downstairs.

Sell the Apartment

Then, three years ago, when the friend decided to sell the apartment, Luanne jumped at the opportunity and snapped it up immediately. It was perfect. It could function as both a living space and an office for the busy stylist and creative director and her partner Jonny, who sources product for an interiors emporium. Luanne also loved the fact the area was “quietly gentrifying”, and attracting more design and creative types.

Although the major work had already been done, Luanne chose a new colour scheme of dark matte parquetry floors and contrasting crisp white walls, which are a perfect canvas for the couple’s furniture and art. Luanne has a sharp eye for design and a tendency towards modern, pared-down interiors, a result of early influences – her mother worked for a furniture import company. “I grew up with European contemporary furniture,such as stainless kitchen set, bathroom set, chairs, tables, and shelves” she says, “so I developed an early and lasting love of modern design.” On the other hand, Jonny grew up on a farm. His is an earthy, irreverent sensibility, with a love for all things eclectic. As a result, in the couple’s home you’ll find a Le Corbusier leather chaise longue alongside a humble timber bench; woven chairs next to a slick chrome-and-glass table, and a sleek white freestanding staircase alongside a ball-and-claw-leg table.

Stainless Living space Furniture including modern chairs, table

Stainless Living space Furniture including modern chairs, table

Even their artwork reveals this dichotomy, with a masculine, pixellated portrait of Luanne, by friend Varenka Paschke, hung near a charcoal drawing of an aloe, by Kurt Pio. “In many ways, while my style is hard and masculine, Jonny’s is more classic and soft,” Luanne says.

Of their collective style, Luanne “edits” and Jonny “adds”. “We have styling stand-offs where we’ll move things and tweak a look endlessly. It’s a bit like a game of chess, only much more infuriating,” Luanne laughs.

Without a doubt, this ever-changing, tightly edited, small, but perfectly formed loft apartment was a fortuitous, friendly find indeed!

(recycle, reuse & restore) Quick Smart Reno; A modest two-bedroom house with a low roof undergoes a renovation with charming results

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WHILE LIVING AND working in Sydney, marriage and family counsellor Susan Weil and her partner Emma Hohnen had their hearts set on buying an old farmhouse in Bellingen – a charming riverside town in northern NSW – and spent a year hunting online. But with no luck, they changed tack.

Not only did they decide to move their business, Beachhouse Therapies, to Bellingen and rent accommodation, they broadened their search. “We couldn’t get everything we wanted unless we paid top dollar, so we started looking for the right piece of land rather than the right house,” Susan says. “We were determined to buy and leave plenty in the bank to have a lifestyle.” Distance to town and a northerly elevated aspect (for sea breezes) were still boxes to be ticked. Luck struck. Susan and Emma, with their toddler Sahara in tow, found a glorious piece of land – that fortunately had a house on it!

Raising the roof

The family could live in the modest two bedroom home – actually a besser-block garage that had been added to over the years – while deciding whether to build at the top of the block. But it needed work. “The roof was very low, and structurally not sound in terms of the amount of rainfall in the area,” Susan says. “I wanted a vaulted skillion roof [a fl at roof that slopes in one direction] and to open up the ceiling to make the space feel bigger.”

Raising roof of the house

Raising roof of the house

Kitchen capers

PANDORA’S BOX Although Susan had initially only wanted to open up the ceiling and put on a new roof, the home ended up being gutted. “Once the roof and ceilings were ripped out – and the kitchen and bathrooms stripped of a few bits and pieces – it was a different ball game,” she recalls. Most of the interior walls were also removed. And at this “exposed” stage it was more economical to replace all of the wiring, rather than later. Plumbing had to be moved to accommodate changes, such as the repositioning of the kitchen (and bathroom) sink, making better use of the space.

Repair your kitchen

Repair your kitchen

NO STORAGE There was also a lack of kitchen storage, with no cupboards or shelves. “We had to build the kitchen from scratch – minus the stove and stainless steel workbench,” Susan explains. For shelves, she sourced timber from a local mill. The floating floor was removed and the concrete painted a neutral colour, which was also done throughout the rest of the house.

Dine, eat, live

IMAGINATION RULES The separate but adjacent dining and living rooms were small, so two internals walls were removed to make a larger, combined eating and living space. Read this article to select house renovation styles.

Rearrange living room, recliners may be good for saving space

Rearrange living room, recliners may be good for saving space

MONEY SAVER Bellingen can get very hot in the summer months and very cold in winter so the couple installed the best and highest-rating insulation they could afford. “We put in double the insulation required: 3.5-rating in the ceiling and 2.5-rating in the walls,” Susan says. “It is, and always has been, the biggest money saver long term. The winter has been very mild as a result – a small heater or lighting the slow combustion stove was all we needed to warm the house.” To further lessen their environmental footprint, the family use tank water and are planning to install solar hot water and solar power systems (see page 174, and visit “It’s not as diffi cult as people think, and with all the government rebates for these things it’s now affordable,” Susan says.

DECORATING STYLE This “recycle, reuse and restore when we can” attitude is also reflected in the pre-loved pieces that furnish the home, giving it a relaxed, comfortable vibe. “I want people to feel they can walk in, put their feet up on the couches and coffee tables and make themselves at home,” Susan says. “I love being outdoors, and that influences the way I decorate. I don’t want things that are precious. We have children and animals, including two dogs, two cows, a rooster, eight chooks and a lamb that wanders into the house, so our home is messy and real and has a heartbeat. It reflects us,” she says.

Bedroom blitz

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE The only aspect of the house that Susan is less than thrilled with is that the two bedrooms face south. “I’m sure this is a plus in summer, but it’s not great in winter,” she says. But a bedroom revamp has more than compensated. The concrete slab flooring had to be waterproofed to prevent water seepage, then seagrass matting was laid. Doors were replaced, ceiling fans were put in and a high window was installed in one of the bedrooms to create a cross draft. “It was cheaper to just put the window above the height of the new wall when we extended up,” Susan says. Outside, soil against the bedroom walls had to be removed for better drainage after rainfall.

Outdoor haven

ENTER AT LEISURE The pergola at the entrance was fitted with Laserlite sheets and new posts; the driveway was graded and widened; the property was refenced with hardwood timber; and native trees, and grasses for the cows and sheep were planted, as was an organic vegetable garden. A shed was converted into a yoga studio and counselling and massage rooms.

HEART’S CONTENT Recently, Susan and Emma found what they had originally wished for – an old farmhouse in a Bellingen valley, which they will relocate to the top of their block. Once it has been fitted out to lessen its carbon footprint, it will become the family’s main home – and their lovingly transformed, pet-friendly former garage will be (and sometimes is) available for farm stays .